Current Challenge: #SacLocal
Support local, Sacramento-area businesses for 28 straight days


Start Date: Monday, November 11

Details: Buy, support, patronize, frequent only local, Sacramento-area businesses. No Starbucks. No Amazon. No Whole Foods. No Lifetime Fitness.




Q: How do you define “local, Sacramento-area businesses?”

A: That is mostly up to you (and who you ask on FB), but here are some general guidelines:

  • Nothing corporate-owned ( Urban Flex Fitness, yes; Lifetime Fitness, no)
  • Businesses founded in Sacramento that still have headquarters here (Raley’s, yes; Whole Foods, no)
  • Restaurants that are not chains (LowBrau, yes; McDonald’s, no)

Whole Foods sells & supports local, but they are a national company. Again though, this is up to you and your goals.


Q: Can I join the challenge after it officially starts?

A: Of course. All are welcome, anytime. You can continue on for your full 28 days or stop when we stop.


Q: Do I have to subscribe to the emails?

A: Nope, but it will make me sad if you chose to opt-out. #Accountability


Q: Do I have to enter info into the group Google Sheet?

A: Nope, but it helps (again) with accountability and crowdsourcing other local Sacramento businesses! Strongly encouraged.